Hello, I’m Chuck.

I make the world better through software.

A Brief Autobiography

It all started with an Atari 1040 ST, my parents didn’t know anything about computers, except that they were the future. Not long after, I found BBS’s and frequently played Barran Realms Elite (BRE). My brother and I even hosted a BBS for a short time. 

The Roaring Lion was my first 12 line MBBS — chatting over a 2400 baud modem with others in realtime was novel at the time. 

In college, I was one of the first to get DSL. My neighbors were envious, so I gladly sold my internet; I made enough to cover my entire bill plus a little extra.

It was while in college, where I found web development. I desired to put up a personal web page, soon I was creating web pages for friends and local organizations.

My passion for website design and development has bloomed into a successful career of nearly 25 years and still continues today. 


Chuck has created software for nearly 25 years. He’s consulted for Microsoft, Intel, Health.Net, and Rakuten to name a few. Chuck focuses on ASP.Net CoreAngular 5+React, the cloud (AWS and Azure), architecture, agile (SCRUM, Lean), and performance. He strongly believes in continuous improvement and automation and assists companies in implementing continuous deployment.

Chuck lives in Folsom, California with his lovely wife Erin and their tabby, Mango.