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Hello, I’m Chuck.

I make the world better through software.

A Brief Autobiography

I started with an Atari 1040 ST, spending hours playing Carrier Command. My second computer, a 286/16 IBM clone, I built from parts which I frequently used to dial into the Roaring Lion MBBS. My favorite classic shooter is Tribes 2, my favorite modern shooter is PUBG, and my favorite strategy-game is StarCraft 2. In college, I created a business designing websites, I work on my own car and I play competitive badminton. I met my wife ballroom dancing.


Chuck has created software for over 20 years. He’s consulted for many companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Health.Net, and Rakuten to name a few. Chuck focuses on ASP.Net CoreAngular 2+React, the cloud (AWS and Azure), Docker, application architecture, agile (SCRUM, Lean), and performance tuning. He strongly believes in continuous improvement and automation and assists companies in implementing continuous deployment. Chuck lives in Folsom, California with his lovely wife Erin and their tabby, Mango.

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